There are many reasons why an agent is essential when selling your home, but which agent is best for you?

Don’t simply go with the first agent who suggests the highest asking price. Ask around, talk to a few, and you’ll soon find the one who can truely sell your home at a higher price in a shorter period with better service.


The ME agent who helped you buy your current house is a good start

Sticking with a ME agent you know just makes sense. If your ME agent did a good job helping you buy your home, he or she is probably a good candidate for helping you sell it.

Think locally

  • Jot down the names and numbers of agents on “For Sale” signs. Right Agent For You
  • Ask your local friends or nearby family to recommend a agent. Right Agent For You
  • Visit one of the local real estate offices who know your area. Right Agent For You

 Right Agent For You

Interviewing candidates

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Finding the right agent is about a partnership – so screen a few before deciding. Make sure you feel comfortable with him or her and that they show a genuine interest in helping you. Right Agent For You

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