Love them or hate them, e-scooters could be a boon for real estate values

David Richter, the chief business officer at e-scooter startup Lime, said the lightweight transportation reduces traffic, and therefore could allow neighborhoods to be redesigned with less parking spa
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Smelly apartments and foreign tenants: How Fortress became Japan’s biggest landlord

Fortress is benefiting from the Japanese government's effort to attract more foreign workers to address its labor shortage
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Queens property purchased for $125M by Chinese firm headed to foreclosure

Auction will be on May 10 for the former St. John’s hospital building
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In the United States and Chinese talk about real life in New York: New Yorkers live fast

The Kennedy Airport that arrived in New York last year began today, and this is my eighth month in the United States. I have been trying to write some of my feelings for the past six months, but I hav
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How to transfer to a child after buying a house in the United States?

Pay attention to 4 aspects A US real estate property name change basic knowledge Renaming US property rights, including adding a name or removing a name, during the process: Signature of the owner of
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Most American publics are positive about immigration.

A new survey by the Pew Research Center shows that in recent years, most people (62%) believe that the hard work of immigrants and their talents make the country prosper, and only 28% believe that imm
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13 suggestions let you change the US investment to buy a house

Overseas real estate investment is now more and more popular, and US real estate investment is a big hit in all overseas real estate investment. This article introduces 13 suggestions for buying a hou
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