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Those who hold American real estate, pay attention to these five major tax avoidance methods

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According to industry insiders, the tax on foreign real estate seems to be amazing, but as long as you use high-value tax-free projects, buying a house overseas can greatly reduce the cost of ownership.

For example, in Miami, Florida, where the price is $175,000 and the annual rent is $12,250 for a two-bedroom apartment, after deducting the tax allowance and depreciation, the first year will be exempted from the cost of the purchase (the excess tax credit is still Can be extended to the next year), the second year should be taxed as long as the US dollar is 180 yuan.


The five major tax avoidance methods for the public in the United States to buy:

1. Selecting states without state income tax, US income tax is roughly divided into federal income tax and state income tax. The federal income tax rate is uniform throughout the United States and applies to foreigners. State income tax is currently exempt from 7 states, such as: Florida, Texas, Washington, etc., used a business tax or consumption tax as a financial supplement. The current state income tax is California, with a tax rate of 13.3%.

Second, the income from the rent of the Middle Ages can be depreciated. The annual rental property is exempt from tax exemption. The depreciation amount of the refurbished Nagoya can also be reported as tax deduction. The calculation method is the valuation of the building divided by the useful life determined by the US Internal Revenue Service.
Third, the property company to absorb taxes and fees The United States' charter has been in charge for many years, can get a lot of income for the landlord every year, for the tenant stable, high rent rate community, the property company is even willing to absorb the housing tax, insurance, generation Management fees and management fees.
4. In the name of the company in charge of the company, the company holds the US real estate, and the future hydropower, telecommunications, fuel costs can not only be legally deducted, but also no corporate and individual taxation problems.
5. The ticket to the US Reward House can also be refunded to the United States to check the ticket, accommodation and receipt certificate, which can be used as the base tax for travel expenses.

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