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Raiders of the United States for studying immigrants with green cards

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[Introduction] I believe that many international students in the United States would like to stay in the United States. Today, the worry-free test network will tell everyone that they are studying in the United States, how immigrants get green cards, if you need them, come in and have a look.

It goes through the following stages:

Obtain an F1 International Student Visa and study in the United States;

Find an employer and convert F1 to an H1-B visa;

Complete the LaborCertificate of the Department of Labor to prove that it is difficult to find Americans who meet the minimum standards.

I-140, obtained immigration approval from the Immigration Bureau;

I-485, the H1-B visa is changed to a permanent residence visa, which is a green card.

Here the F1 conversion H1-B and the Labor Department LaborCertificate are especially important:

The F1 conversion, with one year of automatic extension, allows foreign students to legally find a job in the United States after graduation. All formal universities in the United States have offices for international students, and will handle them for you when you graduate.

PERM or LaborCertificate is the key to getting a green card. EB1 is exempt. And that's why it's important to stay in the US, and it's not easy for international students to find a breakthrough in places like Wall Street.

About the way foreign students apply for green cards First, get married Whether you are married or an American, you can apply for a US green card! But the premise is to ensure that the wedding banquet is true and the feelings between you are sincere. Because the newcomer will be embarrassed to ask a lot of questions to verify the authenticity of the marriage relationship, such as "have seen both parents?" and or what day is the wedding? How many guests are there? Even who got up yesterday? What do you have for breakfast? ... If you pass such a rigorous review, you can get a green card. This is undoubtedly a way to save money and is simple, but don't make fake wedding banquets. Once discovered, the consequences are very serious! Was repatriated! Second, joining the army In fact, non-US citizens can not join the army, but if you find a job in the army, such as doctors, nurses or psychologists. Once you get such a position, you can quickly apply for a green card. Third, investment This local tyrant's means of home bacterium is incompetent. The use of investment methods to obtain green cards also has many restrictions, and each year the United States accepts only 10,000 people (families) to adopt this method of immigration. In general, you need to invest $1 million or at least $500,000 in a new company.

Fourth, work This method is the most normal, is the path chosen by most international students, but there are also strict restrictions on the number of people. It is easy to study in the US and it is difficult to find a job! Even if you find a job, it is difficult to find a company that is willing to give you a labor permit! So the annual H1B application is like a big fight, killing you and killing me! It can be said that most of the students who want to stay in the US emperor to continue to move bricks after graduation have to experience a "ghost door".

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