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The mainland tightens foreign exchange outflows

Three hundred to five million luxury home transactions slowed down. According to the intermediary, the transaction was shelved because the funds could not be put in place.
Author:MEhome 2019-03-27 36

Sellers cut prices for sale New York real estate market continues to explore

The market absorbs new housing speeds “slowly”. It is expected that housing prices will pick up at least six months.
Author:MEhome 2019-03-27 38

New York ultra-luxury real estate sharply cut prices

The high-rise building at 157 West 57th Street is fitted with a glass curtain wall that overlooks other buildings in the southern part of Central Park. KARSTEN MORAN FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES New York -
Author:MEhome 2019-03-27 38

New York's second home is over 5 million or taxed

Recently, Mayor Bai Sihao and City Council Speaker Kerry Johnson said they strongly support the additional tax on homeowners in New York City who have a second home worth more than $5 million. The bil
Author:MEhome 2019-03-27 34

New York housing market prices rose 11% year-on-year

As the US real estate market continues to pick up, investing in US real estate has also become a hot spot for investors. Among them, the Manhattan real estate market in New York City has once again at
Author:MEhome 2019-03-27 35

New York luxury home market cools commercial real estate

Real estate agent Henkels pointed out in a sales report about a $5 million luxury home in New York that luxury apartment sales in 2018 fell 22% from the previous year, including Condo and Co-op (Co- O
Author:MEhome 2019-03-27 36

The number of overseas buyers in the US real estate market has soared, and the Chinese are the main force.

According to a new survey by the National Association of Realtors, last year, the US home market witnessed a surge in foreign buyers. From April 2016 to March 2017, foreign buyers, including US reside
Author:MEhome 2019-03-27 34

2019 New Changes in American Immigration Study Policy: B1, B2 Visa Division

The new regulations require a distinction between B1 visas and B2 visa applications for entry into the United States, and the standards are more transparent in order to facilitate fairer rulings and e
Author:MEhome 2019-03-27 52

Life in New York

When it comes to New York, we will think of the World Trade Center, Broadway, Wall Street, and the New York Yankees. Finance, performance, film, sports, for too many people, to land in New York is lik
Author:MEhome 2019-03-27 63

13 suggestions let you change the US investment to buy a house

Overseas real estate investment is now more and more popular, and US real estate investment is a big hit in all overseas real estate investment. This article introduces 13 suggestions for buying a hou
Author:MEhome 2019-03-27 37
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