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Neighborhood Guide: Long Island City

A dynamic, up-and-coming neighborhood at the intersection of Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan, Long Island City is staking its claim as one of New York’s most desired places to live. Not only does it ha
Author:Mehome NY 2019-03-28 559

Comparison between American public schools and private schools

Characteristics of American public high schoolsDue to the US legal system, public high schools in the United States are only allowed to accept short-term exchange students. If parents work or study
Author:MEhome 2019-03-27 487

Renting a house in New York, about water, electricity, heating, and internet fees

Just arrived in New York, you have just confirmed your accommodation, are you ready to face a piece of scattered life bills? How can you survive the pits of one after another?
Author:MEhome 2019-03-27 202

New York Life Guide, the new wave of the Lower East Side and the charm of the city

Author: small home Time: 2019-02-28 Source: good living in a foreign land The true charm of the city is true, and the truth of this fireworks is undoubtedly the most attractive existence.
Author:MEhome 2019-03-27 204

New immigrants must learn 7 big killers.

New immigrants, killer, new york, life, no loss List some of the habits of New Yorkers, and we have to pretend to pretend!
Author:MEhome 2019-03-27 181

In the United States and Chinese talk about real life in New York: New Yorkers live fast

The Kennedy Airport that arrived in New York last year began today, and this is my eighth month in the United States. I have been trying to write some of my feelings for the past six months, but I hav
Author:MEhome 2019-03-27 200

In New York, what is the middle class?

Drive through any community throughout the United States, and you'll find that class distinctions are like the gates surrounding a community, or the grit of another neighborhood. Look at the floor spa
Author:MEhome 2019-03-27 198

New York Life Guide: Super Detailed Manhattan Traffic Briefing

Manhattan is built on an island with relatively narrow streets and no much traffic. In and out of Manhattan, you need to cross the bridge or walk through the tunnel. The bridge fee is $8 per vehicle.
Author:MEhome 2019-03-27 203

[New York Life Essentials] The most complete strategy for the New York subway

The most convenient and economical way to get around in New York is by subway. New York road traffic is very congested, driving is no faster than taking the subway.
Author:MEhome 2019-03-27 190
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