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Love them or hate them, e-scooters could be a boon for real estate values

David Richter, the chief business officer at e-scooter startup Lime, said the lightweight transportation reduces traffic, and therefore could allow neighborhoods to be redesigned with less parking spa
Author:MEhome NY 2019-07-19 2408
Author:MEhome NY 2019-07-11 2324

Smelly apartments and foreign tenants: How Fortress became Japan’s biggest landlord

Fortress is benefiting from the Japanese government's effort to attract more foreign workers to address its labor shortage
Author:MEhome NY 2019-06-18 216

Rents rise to $3K mark in Brooklyn, Queens

Landlords are also cutting back on concessions ahead of the summer rental season
Author:MEhome NY 2019-06-13 198
Author:Mehome NY 2019-06-10 210
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