US housing maintenance? 12 months are different!

Most people choose to buy a house in the United States, but they have nothing to do with their preferential housing prices, large appreciation space, and beautiful community environment. However, ther
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Experience Tips: New York Real Estate 5 "Thunder Zone"

Historically, New York real estate is a stable, safe, value-added, and value-added market. And this is a very international market, it does not rely entirely on the US economy, rich people from all ov
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New York's second home is over 5 million or taxed

"Small series, may I ask if I can't eat or drink in New York for years to make money to buy a house?"
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Those who hold American real estate, pay attention to these five major tax avoidance methods

According to industry insiders, the tax on foreign real estate seems to be amazing, but as long as you use high-value tax-free projects, buying a house overseas can greatly reduce the cost of ownershi
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This Week's N.Y. Deal Sheet

TOP SALES Kohn Pedersen Fox A rendering for the previous plans at 615 Dean St. NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL & LOGISTICS SUMMIT MARCH 28, 2019 | REGISTER NOW FEATURED SPEAKER WENDY BERGER CEO and Founder
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13 suggestions let you change the US investment to buy a house

Overseas real estate investment is now more and more popular, and US real estate investment is a big hit in all overseas real estate investment. This article introduces 13 suggestions for buying a hou
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