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Renting a house in New York, about water, electricity, heating, and internet fees

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Just arrived in New York, you have just confirmed your accommodation, are you ready to face a piece of scattered life bills? How can you survive the pits of one after another? In order to let everyone no longer worry about water, electricity, gas, and the Internet, the hometown of good homes specially prepared a collection of bills for payment in New York, which is to make you orderly. >>>Water fee<<< If you choose to rent an apartment instead of a Townhouse, then the students will need to pay for the water to a large extent, but don't worry, the water bill in New York is not too high. The New York Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for the collection of water fees, so students need to register their My DEP Account and follow the prompts to set up their username and password on the Make a Payment system.   Whether it is online payment, mobile app, phone, mail, or even personally go to the office in New York, you can complete the payment of water fee. Of course, DEP QuickPay is the quickest and most convenient way to pay for water bills, up to three business days.

Call (866) 622-8292 (free all day) DEP office Bronx: 1932 Arthur Avenue – 6th Floor Brooklyn: 250 Livingston Street – 8th Floor Manhattan: 1250 Broadway – 8th Floor Queens: 96–05 Horace Harding Exp. – 1st Floor Staten Island: 60 Bay Street – 6th Floor New York Financial Business Center Bronx: 3030 Third Avenue – 2nd Floor Brooklyn: 210 Joralemon Street Manhattan: 66 John Street, New York – 2nd Floor Queens: 144–06 94th Avenue, Jamaica Staten Island: 350 St. Marks Place Mail check or money order NYC Water Board, PO Box 11863 Newark, NJ 07101-8163 >>>Electricity & Gas Fees<<< The amount of electricity paid, the degree of use of each person is different, usually it is necessary to open an account. The electricity bill covers a wide range, and the air conditioning and plug-in facilities in the kitchen are all included.

Con Edision is the largest power company in the New York area, so most of the students' electricity and gas payments depend on it. When you open an account, you can select the gas at the same time.


Con Edision has a free service hotline: 1-800-752-6633, you can choose Chinese service, don't worry about the trouble caused by poor English, manual account opening is very simple.


Renting a house in New York, about water, electricity, heating, and internet fees


There are many agencies in New York that provide collection services, and students can choose nearby. However, it should be noted that most institutions only receive cash, so be prepared in advance.


In any case, online payment is still the most convenient way. After you bind your bank account, you can join the Direct Payment Plan. You can pay for it automatically the next month after registration. Students who are unwilling to join the automatic payment can also choose to pay by credit card and savings card, and will be charged a corresponding fee each time.


Students who choose to send a check should write the full name of the power company at the payee.


Mail check or money order


Con Edison, JAF Station, P.O. Box 1702


New York, NY 10116-1702

>>>Heating costs<<< In the cold New York, it is doomed that your heating costs will not be less, so be sure to ask the landlord before signing the contract, whether the rent includes heating costs. Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary for tenants to re-open their own accounts. Central air-conditioning and pipe are the two most common heating methods. If you use electric heating, you can only pay attention to the monthly electricity bill. >>>Net fee<<< There are a lot of network operators in New York, especially during the schooling and moving seasons, various operators will launch a number of packages, carefully selected will find a number of favorable discounts.

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