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New York Life Guide, the new wave of the Lower East Side and the charm of the city

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The true charm of the city is true, and the truth of this fireworks is undoubtedly the most attractive existence.


How to describe the Lower East Side of New York, coexistence of mystery and inclusiveness is its greatest feature. Here, you can party to the dawn, endless exploration of the latest gadgets, you can also linger in a variety of boutiques or have a coffee time to empty.


What is the real charm of this area that is both artistic and grounded, and the hometown of foreign life offers you a living guide that belongs only to the Lower East Side.



Katz’s Delicatessen



Katz’s Delicatessen accepts thousands of diners every week. This legendary longevity deli has the biggest eye-catching quality of ingredients and flavors.


The production of Katz’s beef guarantees the use of zero additives. Because it is used for a longer period of salting, it is very tasty. Whether it is a sandwich or a variety of meat platters, you can only sigh with a word of “good food”.

Pig&Khao mainly offers Thai and Filipino-style Southeast Asian cuisine. Just like the name of the restaurant, there are a lot of pork-based dishes.
Pig&Khao combines the culture of Southeast Asia with the vitality of the Lower East Side of New York. The music in the store is mainly hip hop and reggae music. Brussels sprouts pork, Thai curry chicken wings and sweet spicy curry lamb chops are also worth a taste, as well as a lot of canned beer.
CW Pencil Enterprise
Regardless of how technology and society develop, pencils will never be outdated, and CW Pencil Enterprise's job is to dig into the story and origins of pencils, a shop that pencil collectors must not miss.
There are exquisite pencils collected by the owner from all over the world, as well as special pencils for people in various fields. You can also join their member clubs, I believe you will find a lot of fun here.


With more than 6,000 subject books, Bluestockings offers books on topics such as feminism, global capitalism, racial and black studies, and magazines that are hard to find, in addition to topical books that can be found in other bookstores. Found here. Bluestockings also has a small coffee area inside, and the taste is awesome. The bookstore will hold some reading seminars every night to play some movies. For details, please refer to its official website.

Claw & Co.

Claw Money is New York's iconic graffiti artist, fashion designer and author, and CLAW icons are everywhere in New York.

Claw&Co has a unique style, in this hip-hop style store, jackets, T-shirts, sneakers, sunglasses, you can find fashion products that reflect Claudia Gold.

Green Fingers

Tokyo-based satoshi kawamoto, who has a flower shop in Japan, opened the Green Fingers Market in New York. Green is the main color of this flower shop, a lot of green and fleshy, but it does not make people feel too much cramped, the floral style in the store is more industrialized. Green Fingers Market also sells some second-hand clothing and some interesting cross-border cooperation, so it's not just a flower shop.

he Museum at Eldridge Street
The Jewish Museum of the Yazhile Street is located between the dense old apartment buildings in the Lower East Side and has been carefully restored to become a national historical landmark. This museum is the only sign of Jewish immigration to the Lower East Side of New York. Here, you will find many immigrants living in Jews who did not know before, and will also explore the historical protection of architecture.
The Museum at Eldridge Street will give you a lot of insight and reflection on culture and faith.


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