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New immigrants must learn 7 big killers.

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List some of the habits of New Yorkers, and we have to pretend to pretend!


Killer: Black and white mix from scratch


The real New Yorker is pure and plain, and the basic body will not be super high. And black and white mostly, not only classic, but also important is better control.


New immigrants please note that the large-scale paintings and totems on the clothes will make it clear to others that you are a foreigner. And never wear IHEART NY (I love New York) clothes, because it is too low.


Killer 2: New Yorkers can't do without mobile phones


Real New Yorkers don’t want to shake hands at all times. Walking depends on the mobile phone, eating depends on the mobile phone, and the car still depends on the mobile phone. Yes, sometimes it seems very rude, nothing, New Yorkers are like this!

Killer III: New Yorkers chat always miss the former New York
Real New Yorkers think they are the best cities and they are proud of New York. New Yorkers like to talk about the old New York, always telling good old days, such as the previous Times Square, or how.
New immigrants please note: When you are chatting with others, please consciously ignore LA, Miami and Chicago, because New Yorkers only have New York! Also pretend that you know New York very well, pretending that you can walk across every street, every avenue with your eyes closed.
Killer 4: New Yorkers' unique local accent
The voice of a real New Yorker is also a little different from other places, which is what our Chinese call "township." New Yorkers speak
A little faster than other locals, all kinds of legatos are also very special, such as "Get outta hea" and "Fawget about it". There are also more vowels in pronunciation. Like New York, they read Noo York.
Killer 5: New Yorkers don’t drive in the city
"Never drive, never drive, never drive!" The important thing is to say three times. Be sure to take the subway, bus, or Taxi. Real New York natives will never drive in the city, it is too inconvenient, no parking, and still dying! In addition, when you are sitting in Taxi, you should never give a detailed address when communicating with the driver. The driver will not understand. The real New Yorkers are talking about the intersection of streets and streets.
New immigrants please note: New York's toilet industry is not particularly developed. Basically, public toilets are not visible on the road. Therefore, some toilets in the park should be used. Some Starbucks toilets still allow passers-by who do not buy coffee to go to the toilet in the store. of.
Killer Six: New Yorkers love to "run away" Manhattan
Real New Yorkers don't drive in Manhattan. In addition to taking the subway, most of them walk on two legs. New Yorkers are very fond of walking, not half tired across Manhattan. Another thing that makes Xiaobian a little "contempt" is: never wait for the traffic lights! Even if you have to wait, you will not stand on the side of the road and wait for the middle of the road, because they are waiting for the red light.
New immigrants please note: walking in New York, you need to go very fast. Even if you don't hurry, you have to go fast. Don't ask why, New Yorkers are like this.
Killer  Seven: New Yorkers love the street dining car
Eating on the street, the dining car on the street seems to be simple, but the real New York white-collar workers eat it every day, and it is cheap and fast. The taste is really good. Always plan to eat at 9 o'clock, drink after dinner and chat at 11 o'clock. Because it is a family dinner before 8 o'clock, there will always be noisy children.


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