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In the United States and Chinese talk about real life in New York: New Yorkers live fast

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The Kennedy Airport that arrived in New York last year began today, and this is my eighth month in the United States. I have been trying to write some of my feelings for the past six months, but I have been dragging on for a long time, because I always feel that my feelings about the United States have changed and I am somewhat confused. Others say that they will go through three stages in the United States, and I may be in the second stage. When I came to the United States for a short time, I felt that the United States was very good: Everything. (Food is too full, various supermarkets, Korea, Chinese, Japanese supermarket.) You can buy anything you can buy in China, and learn to taste the food culture of other countries. I like Korean kimchi, Korean tofu pot, and American cake. Remember the New Oriental in Shanghai. At that time, a small ice cream ball of RMB25 was eaten at the Haagen-Dazs store. At the entrance, the fragrant milky taste made me feel that the ice cream was so delicious. But in fact Haagen-Dazs is just a very common brand. There are too many kinds of ice-cream or ice-cream cakes (peanut cake, carol cake, cheese cake) different flavors.

Fast food: KFC is not as good as McDonald's business here, but it is all poor people here. Because they are all junk food. But I really like McDonald's burgers, not the same as domestic ones. I like the one of cheese. Most people will gain weight when they come here, so they often see the school sisters face the nutrition table before eating each food, and calculate whether there is any excess of calories and fat today. Very tired.

The car is cheap. Used car, $2000-$3000. But it is still very expensive to raise a car. But I still don't have a car until now, because it is sometimes troublesome to have a car, and I still need a parking fee.

Laptop is cheap.

Tips: In the United States, you have to learn to tip, usually 10%-20%. Holidays are generally 15%-30%. It is not used at the beginning, because it costs extra.

Paying bills: all are AA. No matter how good friends are, this is the case. At the beginning, I watched the meal. My friends even counted a few cents. It was really disgusting, especially when I was at a Korean restaurant at home, and a pair of American couples at the other table. When paying the bill, the man said to the woman. Sorry, I didn’t bring enough money today, but also let you pay an extra dollar. Think about the domestic students, it is really cool. However, the three qis of the Americans who have been circulated in the country have proved that they are mad at the "small gas". It is a common practice for people who come here to become stingy for three years. Sometimes I am afraid, I really don't know what it will be like.

The service of the store is very good. Really understand the customer is God's feeling, anytime, you can get a full refund, even used cosmetics. At the cake shop in the house, an old lady in the United States called waiter to point to the cake that was eaten with only one bite, saying "not suitable for taste". The waiter patiently introduced several other varieties and gave her a free one. Carrot flavor. Faint. So shopping in the US has become very simple, like to take it, go back and try it, don't like it. When you retire, you don't need any reason. The waiter even says "thank you" with a smile. I like to sit in a friend's car, along the Hudson river, along the high-speed, New York night view. Many boys here like to choose a very straight road on the highway, and they will soon go on. This seems to be their specific way of relieving pain and loneliness. I also like to sit in the starbucks, while sipping a monca with a rich coffee bean scent, and chatting with friends without a word.

Like to be in the fall, with friends, on the New York Shangzhou to enjoy the maple. There is a large block of fire red and green, so pure, let you feel that life is in the world of fairy tales.
Like the free air here. No one will blame your actions and manners. You can dress up very strangely. It will only be seen as another fashion by others. It is as if people are used to looking at the clean skin, and the freckles on the face have become a special darling of the model world. Chasing its roots may be due to too many races, different costumes and skin tones, and any weirdness is no surprise.
Clothing: new York is really the capital of fashion. We have to be impressed by the bold design of those designers and the flexible use of fabric texture. A seemingly ordinary dress, worn on the body should be brilliant for his meticulous cut and fabric feel. On Fifth Avenue, many people with good dressing style rushed past you, forming another pleasing landscape. Young girls like to wear low-rise trousers, a short top with a slim waist and a small belly, which seems to be another fascination. Many spring and summer clothes are low-cut, because here, the highest evaluation of women is fascinating. In fact, it includes many meanings, physical and even sound.

I like to go shopping on Fifth Avenue in New York. In Macy, Lord Tayor, I was surprised to find that the channel, Lancôme is just affordable for civilians. I like to enjoy the gentleman and sensual feeling of American men. Anyone who doesn’t know, open the door for you, no matter if you get into the elevator, always lady first, in the subway, let the seat give you......... On, anytime, someone may rush you to say hi. or praise you beautiful. I remember the first time at a bus terminal in New York, an Italian came face to face, very enthusiastic to say to me: "oh, you are Really beautiful". A Spaniard in the elevator said to me "you are so beautiful today" almost every day. Later I listened to it and got used to it, so every time he stared at me, I would laugh. He said: "I am so beautiful, right?" "yeah!, so beautiful woman." he always said. Someone will praise you whenever you are on the road. Such as "sweety girl!" Here makes you feel that being a woman is very good. Americans seem to be very polite, accidentally blocked your way, and sometimes, sometimes you accidentally met him, they will first You say "excuse me". Carefully appreciate the "people-oriented" principle of public facilities here. There are two small lights in each seat on the bus, you can read the newspaper.

There are buttons to indicate parking in the window. Each door is specially made to serve people with disabilities. The timetables of the cars are all on the car. There is also a first aid kit on the car. The backrest of the seat is adjustable. In the school library, cookies, candy, and coffee are all free of charge.
Subway: The subway in New York is very old, but I think there is a sense of awe-inspiring feelings that New Yorkers have enjoyed since more than a hundred years ago. There is a singing and dancing culture in the subway. Many small bands play here, like my favorite Nirvana, which started from here. Black people danced street dance here, Mexicans played Tujia musical instruments, and some people performed puppet shows here.
Manhattan: For the first time on the streets of Manhattan, there is a feeling of shock. I feel that I am particularly small, and most of them are 100-storey high-rise buildings. In New York, the rhythm is fast, and on the escalators that are automatically going up and down, many people move around in order to be faster.
Legal awareness: Everyone is clear and protects themselves. If you don’t have your own affairs, you will be less involved. Therefore, there are fewer people with loyalty and fewer people who help others. So I began to fall in love with martial arts novels, trying to find the feeling of friends, the shadow of heroes.

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