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[New York Life Essentials] The most complete strategy for the New York subway

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The most convenient and economical way to get around in New York is by subway. New York road traffic is very congested, driving is no faster than taking the subway. Parking in New York City is also very difficult. On-street parking is difficult to find, and the parking lot is very expensive. It costs about $20 for 2 hours and 40-50 dollars for one day. Moreover, Manhattan apartment buildings generally do not provide free parking for residents, parking spaces need to be paid separately, at least $300 a month. Driving in New York is expensive and inconvenient, so international students in New York basically choose to travel by subway. The New York Subway is one of the oldest metro systems in the world and is managed by the MTA (Met's Metro Transport Agency). In New York, people usually call the subway "train." For many of the students who came to study in New York for the first time, the complexity of the New York subway system can easily confuse people. People who have just arrived in New York may encounter the wrong subway, sit in the opposite direction, or the subway does not stop at the destination they want to go. But as long as you read this article, you know how to avoid these problems.

First, the subway card purchase strategy To get on the subway, you need to buy a subway card called MetroCard. This card is about the size of a credit card, but the material is soft plastic. MetroCard has two billing modes: Regular (charged by ride) and Unlimited Ride (unlimited ride within a fixed period). The appearance of the two models of the subway card is the same. No matter which mode you choose, you will pay $1 for a new card. Moreover, taking a bus in New York is also paying with MetroCard. Regular (charged by number of rides): Regular mode requires a pre-charge of the card, which will be reduced by $2.75 each time you take the subway card (no matter how far you sit). If the balance on the card is insufficient, you can recharge the card on the self-service recharge machine at the subway station. In this mode, the price per ride is $2.75, which is charged by the number of credits. Therefore, there is no need to pay more for the other line of the station, as long as there is no revolving door of the subway station.

Unlimited Ride (Unlimited ride within a fixed period): You can take the subway and bus indefinitely for a fixed period of time. There are only 2 options for this mode. The first is an unlimited ride in 7 days: $32 (the card itself costs $1). The second is an unlimited ride in 30 days: $121 (the card itself costs $1). The unlimited ride is the first time you start swiping into the subway station after you purchase Unlimited Ride. For example, you purchased 7-day Unlimited Ride on February 1st, but it won't be used until February 21, and your Unlimited Ride deadline is February 21st to February 27th. Can I use both Regular and Unlimited Ride modes on a single Metro card? can. However, the system defaults to the Unlimited Ride on the card. When the Unlimited Ride on your card expires, the system will deduct the balance on your card in Regular mode. Should I choose Regular or Unlimited Ride? Not sure which mode you choose to save money? You can use the MetroCard Calculator from MTA.

Second, the subway ride Raiders
Which direction to take when taking the subway: The streets of Manhattan are roughly rectangular grids. The east-west street is called Street, and the north-south street is called Avenue. If you go north, the Street number will get bigger. When you go west, the Avenue number will get bigger. If you want to go north, or go to the Bronx and Queens directions, take the subway to the “Uptown” direction; if you want to go south or go to the Brooklyn area, take the subway. To sit down in the "Downtown" direction of the city. When you reach the platform of the line you are going to take, you will see the direction above the two sides of the platform, which will say "Uptown" or "Downtown".
Take the subway to use the small Tips:
1. Don't sit on the only empty car on the crowded subway.
Please note that if you come to the subway, the rest of the cars are crowded, but one of the cars is completely empty, which may mean something nasty in the empty car. If you walk in, you may find that there is no air conditioning, or a bad smell, or you hear a crazy roar, then you will understand why there is no one in this car.
2, there is no signal underground, there is no network
There are already public wifi in some subway stations in New York, but they are only available on the platform. Once the subway enters the dark track, your phone may become unserviced.
3. If possible, try to avoid peak hours
The peak traffic hours in Manhattan are usually 7:00 am to 9:00 am and 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm on weekdays. When you take the subway in the peak hours, don't expect to have a seat. Sometimes you can squeeze it up.
4. When you are in the subway, you need to reserve a little more time for yourself.
When most people choose their travel mode, they enter the address in Google Maps and follow the instructions on Google Maps. The problem is that Google Maps is not as accurate as the time it takes to travel. Especially the New York subway is often delayed. If you really want to get to your destination on time, it's best to go out 15 minutes to half an hour before the time the app gives you the plan.
5, distinguish between slow line (Local) and fast line (Express)
The New York subway is divided into fast and slow lines. If you are on the right line and you are in the right direction, but you find that the subway is not stopping at the station you are going to, you may be on the fast line. Some lines, although the numbers are the same, are divided into fast and slow lines. For example, Line 6 and Line 7, if the outer frame of the logo is a circle or a slow line, the outer frame of the logo is a diamond or a fast line. The lines with the same color are also divided into fast lines and slow lines. For example, the lines 1 and 2 are red, the line 1 is the slow line, and the lines 2 and 3 are the fast lines.
6, away from the edge of the subway platform
Unlike the domestic subway, the New York subway station is dimly lit and poorly sanitized. The main problem is that there is no security door. There has been a malicious referral on the New York subway platform. Therefore, when you take the subway in New York, you must not be too close to the edge of the platform.
7. Find the best place to wait for the subway
The most worn out part of the subway platform is usually where the compartment door may open.
8. When you arrive at the subway station, prepare the subway card in advance.
Be prepared, don't wait until you have to swipe your card to start looking for your MetroCard, especially when you are on the subway. This also avoids blockages in the peak period.

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