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How does New York, which is not "harmonious and livable", attract Chinese immigrants?

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New York City was regarded by the Americans as the “most annoying city” because of noise problems. In 2017, the New York City 311 citizen service system received 446 thousand noise complaints, a considerable proportion. Sources of noise include the ups and downs of whistling whistle, rock drills and earth boring machines in construction, aircraft takeoff and landing, car horns or neighboring music parties.

The most troublesome thing is the noise in the home. Although the life in New York is colorful, the average housing age in the local area is high. Apart from being in disrepair, some apartments are very problematic at the beginning of design, or they can't keep up with the rapid changes in the city (such as air-conditioning or new elevators). Some people couldn't stand the sound of the basement boiler and went to the court. Some people were forced to move out because of the low-frequency resonance caused by the wall in the top floor computer room. The bustling city of the city only knows the price it pays when it lives.

Housing is similar to the interference of boilers or machine rooms, and often more complicated than when facing other noise. Including people's tolerance for noise is different, individual discomfort is rarely taken seriously. Moreover, the boiler and the machine room are involved in the overall structure of the house, and it is difficult to handle it. It is difficult to have a final and effective solution. This kind of lawsuit has been going on for many years.

In the city of noise, the unbearable New Yorkers must stand up for their own rights. You can ask for improvement in writing or when you are looking for managers, but you must follow the "New York-style" negotiation method, that is, pressing the person and constantly asking questions. Improve the progress, or directly complain to the 311 public line, but have to wait patiently for the routine investigation of the EPA staff within 10 days. Or, if you hire a lawyer yourself, you can take legal steps directly.

However, no matter which way, it rarely meets your expectation of ending the noise immediately. However, if you can't find a solution for many days, you can't bear to ask for help from the management. As a result, everything is a long system. The beginning of the program. That is, at this time, you must continue to endure the annoying noise in your home. At the same time, you have to worry about the written and telephone communication between the housing management and the housing management. If you solve it directly by law, you will have to pay another legal fee, and you should try to prove it. There are too many examples of the noise being unbearable, and when it comes to fighting for the right to abandon the day, I simply admit that I have to pack and leave.

However, according to the law, you absolutely have the right to complain about the poor quality of living in the house. In particular, the landlord (apartment management company) does have an obligation to provide a peaceful environment (non-external factors). You can negotiate with it, you can ask for improvement, you can ask for compensation, you can Accuse him, of course, you really have to pay a price for your "rights", including time, money and possible physical and mental health. Derived from it, sometimes it will be a sideline, and there are some personal responsibilities that you have neglected. When you suffer from the noise of your own room, you can't fully recover the loss. It is easy to doubt whether it is in the process. It is necessary to continue to entangle with the housing providers, or to confess to the loss.

"Penalty" is a last resort choice in most cases, but no one can obstruct you to pay more spiritual strength and fight for the loss of due loss. This is a statutory right, the municipal government, the Environmental Protection Agency, or No one can ask you to be "harmonious".

Just like driving a police in the United States to stop the ticket, there will be an option to plead guilty and not plead guilty. Checking "please guilty" means paying a high fine directly, being detained for driving, or being asked to participate in public driving practice classes, and accepting a surge in auto insurance premiums in the coming year. The benefits are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

As for "not pleading guilty", that is, you can prove that the traffic sign is unclear, the situation on the spot is different from the usual, or the police officers are wrongly judged at the moment. You can embark on the legal offense and defense for a ticket that you think is unreasonable. Some of the fines were indeed revoked, but the result of time-consuming and cost-for-profit rights, and the chance to win, will not only save the fines, will not leave a bad driving record, but also save the new high premium that the insurance company may raise for this purpose.

American life, never pay attention to "harmony", "livable" or not, whether a city can provide everyone with fair conditions and opportunities to protect their rights and interests. The penalty is that you have a statutory protective weapon that is not subject to public power or improper punishment and deprivation of rights by anyone. It is undeniable that in order to save trouble, the overwhelming majority of people will choose to confess their ulterior motives, but the "harmonious" instructions never come from the government, not from public power, not from the power.

To a certain extent, Americans (especially New Yorkers) often tell each other, complaining to visitors, complaining and complaining. In such a big country, no city has ever been considered "harmonious and livable" ( Especially in the case of the Nordic countries, but many people from major cities in China are still eager for this noisy, embarrassing, and sometimes arguing of legal laws, preferring to be self-sufficient in the land of Americans. "Protection of rights" is a slap in the face, heart war, pen war, legal warfare, and e-mail warfare. It is not interested in the city that its domestic big line advocates "harmonious and livable". The reason is self-evident.窗体底端

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