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US Immigration Bureau significantly reduces overseas staff next year

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In line with the tightening of the immigration policy of the authorities over the past two years, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is planning to significantly reduce its overseas service staff and transfer resources to domestic offices.

Reuters reported that an internal e-mail revealed by US officials showed that US Citizenship and Immigration Services, which has 23 offices overseas, plans to significantly reduce its service staff abroad in the next year. Transfer resources back to US domestic offices, reduce the manpower of the US refugee program, and strengthen the review of visa applications. Some office positions may be transferred to the State Department.

The notice was sent to senior officials of the US Citizenship and Immigration Service on Monday (March 11) to inform their internal mail for the Refugee Asylum and International Operations Division.

On Tuesday (March 12), the director, L. Francis Cissna, sent the message to all employees and said that the agency was preparing for discussions to transfer most of the international work to US domestic offices, and US embassies and consulates abroad.

Sisner wrote in the letter, "Changes can be difficult and may cause panic," but the Immigration Service is committed to accomplishing this task, "to make the transition as smooth as possible."

In response, Immigration spokesman Jessica Collins confirmed, “As internally shared, the Immigration Department is conducting preliminary discussions to consider shifting the workload of the Immigration International Office to the USCIS domestic office in the United States, and Transfer to US embassies and consulates wherever practicable."

Collins said that the goal of any such transformation is to "maximize" the resources of the immigration bureau, and after partial redistribution, it can effectively reduce the backlog; the Immigration Department will work closely with the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security to ensure the applicant's The service is not affected.

Before the news was released, the Immigration Department had decided in the past to measure whether to close the office according to the needs of local services, such as the Moscow field office, because the “significant reduction in workload” will be permanently closed at the end of March.

Currently, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services provides services overseas: helping citizens bring relatives to the United States, processing refugee applications, applying for overseas citizenship, and assisting citizens in adopting foreign children. Immigration Customs officers also review fraudulent records in visa applications and provide advice to US government officials.

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