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Life in New York

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When it comes to New York, we will think of the World Trade Center, Broadway, Wall Street, and the New York Yankees. Finance, performance, film, sports, for too many people, to land in New York is like a dream come true. Fortunately, New York's housing prices may not be as scary as Beijing and Shanghai, but before moving to New York, we must first understand the price of New York.

Not much to say, let's see how much it costs to live in New York every month.

New York Cost of Living Overview
Monthly cost for a family of four: $4,301.29 (excluding rent).
Single monthly fee: $1,164.59, no rent.
Among the 543 cities in the world, the cost of living ranks 14th.

The life index for New York is 100.00.

New York Life Costs North America Ranking Numbeo's existing cost of living index is based on New York's relationship with other cities in New York. But this does not prevent us from knowing the ranking of the cost of living in New York in many cities in North America. Although the cost of living in San Francisco is lower than in New York, the total cost of living in San Francisco is higher than 6% in New York after calculating the rent. New York's high prices, local purchasing power is relatively low, that is to say, many people living in New York, life pressure is relatively large, and the quality of life will not be as moist as San Francisco or Seattle. All in all, going to work in New York would be a tough trip unless you can find a well-paid job.

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